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InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5 Fix Pack 1, Fix List

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Summary of fixes included in IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5 Fix Pack 1 with fixes grouped by components.


IBM development has compiled this list of fixed APARs which are included in Fix Pack 1 for Information Server, Version 8.5. Before installing fix pack 1 you should check your Version.xml file to confirm if you have installed any IIS 8.5 patches which are not included in fix pack 1. If you have installed a patch that does not appear on this list, please do not install Fix Pack 1. Contact IBM Technical support to obtain a new patch which can be installed on top of Fix Pack 1 so that you do not experience loss of functionality as a result of applying the fix pack.

Special Patches included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5 Fix Pack 1

For convenience, the following table lists the Information Server 8.5 patches on the IBM Fix Central web site which have been included in Fix Pack 1. These are listed using the patch name which will appear in the Version.xml file, to make it easier to identify which of your patches are included in the fix pack.

Information Server 8.5 Fix Central Patches
Patch Name
patch_CC-DRS_85 Patch to deliver DRS Connector stage for IIS 8.5
patch_xml3v1_xmeta_all_8500 CMS patch for delivering XML Pack
package_xml3_all_85_438 Patch to deliver XML Transformation stage for IIS 8.5

Fixed APARS included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 8.5 Fix Pack 1

ASB Packs
Fix ID
The error " java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Cannot find the specified class" is seen when executing Web Service Pack jobs using SSL on IS 85. This fix resolves the issue.

Business Glossary
Fix ID
Opening Business Glossary Browser page from external hyperlink does not open in a new window.
Creating custom logos Business Glossary Admin where the height is larger than 40 pixels results in an image that appears "stretched" or distorted.

Metadata Workbench
Fix ID
Automated Services is returning incorrect results for the Oracle connector stage.
Automated Services is not parsing the DB2 token "current date".

Information Server Framework
Fix ID
Unable to re-deploy WISD Application if Active Requests are made against it
New option to update only the passwords stored in Information Server and not in WAS
Column Analysis fails when using an LDAP external user registry and the length of the user ID is greater than 64 characters.

Fix ID
The columns from mapping components can not be imported or exported through FT CSV feature.
The install for 8.1.2 FixPacks 1, 2, and 3 mistakenly overwrite the fasttrack.ini
The generation connector configuration step causes issues when using common oracle connector as a database connector selection.
There is an issue with copy/paste of mapping specifications that contain mapping component while copying from one FT project to another FT project.
There is an enhancement to include column data types in FT generated reports.

Fix ID
Support of EBCDIC NLS Map for FTP EE Stage in the PUT mode
The Oracle EE stage did not prepare the statement correctly during the insert operation
While transferring huge files using FTP EE Stage, job aborts giving processing failed for output connection error
DB2 load fails when comma used as DEFAULT_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR
DRS stage on 64 bit platforms reading from SQL server does not load all records when array size is greater than 1.
Loading data into Sybase IQ via the build loader via OCOS
FTP Plugin does not support the ASCII Tab character as the Column Delimiter
NULL character are not allowed within data string for the FTP Plugin stage
Sybase EE jobs abort when indices are added to the partitioned or unpartitioned tables
Job hangs when using Sybase OC stage with more than 8 keys and update action as truncate then insert
View data in Oracle OCI stage shows displays incorrect date format
In the DRS Plugin when the Arraysize > 1, issue with order of insert/update using ODBC operations
TDCC jobs failing with BADBUFREQ(302) error, when using large SQL statements in AfterSQL, with UTF16 client-character-sets.
Informix enterprise stage does not show the Informix Error Code and Message in job log.
Information Server 8.1 DRS stage utilizing ODBC SQL server driver fails with "INVALID TIME"
Enhancement request to support SYBASE IQ V15 for Sybase EE, Sybase OC, and Bulk Load
Enhancement: DB2 connector cannot spawn multiple player processes on a single data stage node. Since there is a requirement to run one player process for each DB2 partition, the connector requires one DataStage node per DB2 partition.
Problem with message logging causing designer to crash after doing a "VIEW DATA" in DB2 API stage.
Aggregator is showing wrong number of records while job is running.
DB2API job throws a warning "does not have the privilege to perform operation", but the job runs successfully.
Problem with DB2 API server job running on 8.1 FP1 with warnings and not aborting
DataStage job with MQ connector fails when it cannot connect to queue manager from conductor process.
DTS stage does not put link identifier for log messages. DTS - Does not abort on startup if logQ or rejectQ are invalid DTS stage is not writing the completed messages to the defined log queue PX Bridge does not write correct stage name in log message
DB2 connector stage 8.1 FP1 in upsert mode with array size > 1 number of warning messages is incorrect for rejected rows.
In DB2 connector , if Write mode property is User-defined SQL and there is a reject link, if statement fails with error SQL0100W the transaction is rolled back
If DSN contains trailing spaces, user will get "DATASOURCE NAME NOT FOUND", when connecting to ODBC DSN from ODBC Connector
Changed the query used for accessing a sequence to make it work on DB2 z/OS as well
DB2 Connector has communication errors (timeouts) during long-running jobs
DB2 EE stage generates error: the statement named in the execute satement is not in a prepared state
DB2 load using named pipe method appears to hang.
Enhancement in Netezza EE stage to connect to multiple DBs with a single DSN
In Oracle EE, Job with multiple load methods can hang in APT_system() method of PX
In connector migration tool, causing the MQ Connector to not have a column defined with a length.
Distributed transaction stage commits partial transactions when the job abends.
Jobs that retrieve files from AS400 using FTP EE abort with a fatal error.
DB2 connector loading to remote database table with load pending state does not abort.
Sybase stage with an update puts in unnecessary set on the key column instead of just leaving it in the where clause.
MQ connector does not compare the max queue depth and the msgcount (record count)
MQ connector aborts the job if Extracted key function is used and minimum size is not met
DB2 EE read and lookup jobs do not override the column metadata specified in the job as was the case in pre-8.1 releases
Job does not stop when MQRC_MULTIPLE_REASONS reason code is returned
Fix DTS Error message for Job induced reject
OCI job aborts with "Insert rows must be the update action to clear the table"
DB2 connector stage issues the error ending with "NOT ENOUGH ROOM IN USTRING FOR DECIMAL0]" from string datatype to decimal
On zLinux environment, job sometimes fails due to connection error MQRC_CONNECTION_BROKEN.
Avoid changing working directory in Load method (orawrite).
Oracle server job migrated from DS 7.5.3 TO IS 8.1 fails
Unable to import table definitions containing datetime field via orchestrate schema definitions option from INFORMIX
IS81 server OCI job fails with 'OCI FETCHED TRUNCATED DATA' when non 7-bit characters are read from Oracle (UTF8)
SYBASE enterprise stage does not return data of double type correctly
A fix to the case where Treat EOL as row terminator is specified and the column length is empty
DB2 connector stage using partition method "DB2 CONNECTOR" get table not found if tablespace and table creator are not the same
DataStage 7.5.3: net password encryption for Sybase OC stage
DataStage server job loading using Sybase IQ bulk stage is generating incorrect path in .DAT file.
ORAOCI9 stage (input) when SQL type is TIMESTAMP and the scale=0, the generated SQL is TO_DATE but runtime is TO_TIMESTAMP.
Open command for DB2 enterprise stage has no effect
DRS Stage: Oracle table with CLOB column causes hang with data length < 3 bytes.
DB2 CC is not transferring decimal values correctly when the values < 1 and the DB2 country is set to 49 (GERMANY)
Oracle bug 1400539: GETTING ORA-1461 INSERTING INTO A VARCHAR occurs when 10g+ client connects to multibyte 9i server.
In SybaseOC Stage, Calling ct_exit on AIX platform causes plugin to abort abnormally.
Netezza update drops target table in update mode if schema name is part of table name.
Warning message when inserting by DB2 connector on a parallel job.
In TDCC, the RDBMS code 2646 is being treated as Warning instead of logging a fatal error.
Query timeout option for ODBC EE
A job that contains DB2 API read stage in parallel job can fail with SIGSEV error if the column length is too short.
To change a directory where a named pipe is created for DB2 CC load function.
DB2 Connector fails to access all table partitions if redistributed
Behavior of DB2 CC is strange when partitioned reads method is yes in some cases.
Load method jobs of Oracle EE Stage potentially affect the target table when the job is being validated.
Oracle Enterprise stage with upsert mode of 'User-defined Update' does not map correctly to the Oracle CC
In DB2 Enterprise stage column size warning is being logged when sum and count functions are used in the user-defined SQL.
Add Support for Arraysize greater than 1 for MySQL
Sybase enterprize stage uses expensive select query against Sybase ASE to get column metadata impacting performance.
Input dataset is created into default management, storage, and data class
Need for Teradata to detect shutdown or abnormal termination of Teradata database server
Patch to add CDC Transaction stage
Fix stage descriptor to set Preserve Partitioning value to Propagate as default for oraupsert.
Need for Information Server8 .1 to connect with Sybase IQ15.2
Information Analyzer Column Analysis fails because DB2 Connector imported '%' sign in path field
DB2 Connector as source should use design schema nullability if design schema is nullable and external schema is not nullable
OCI DATE conversion failed on jobs with custom SQL that worked in 751
Oracle hints lost on query rewrite for partitioning
Loading multi-byte characters into GRAPHIC/VARGRAPHIC column has problem.
MQ connector shows unwanted warning messages with blocking transaction or work queue scenarios
DB2 EE stage gives a fatal error when writing a column type REAL to a DPF DB2 table
Creating a data source in Information Analyzer using DB2 connector causes the connector import wizard in the designer to not work
Rowid_range partitioning does not fetch all records when partitioned table and index use the same name
In DTS stage, the connector does not stop the job if the statement parameter names can not be resolved
Job hangs when query is too long in DRS stage
DB2 Connector checks wrong handle if error occurs when calling SQLExecDirect()
Sybase OC key columns used in the update where clause should be removed from the set clause for performance and DES
DB2 Connector needs to support insert buffering
DB2 Connector needs to detect z/OS by some other method than reading SYSIBM.IPNAMES
DRS stage truncates the last character for NVARCHAR and NVARCHAR2 SQL column definitions
ODBC connectir the MS SQL server sparse lookup jobs abort with sequence error
Changed default for Drop unmatched fields from Yes to No and fixed logging of fetch warning messages
The DSCTOUPPERCASE() API of DSCAPI returns the string by truncating the last character
Support for column name with '/' in view dta for DB2 connector
DRS plugin in IS8.0.1 is unable to insert data into a Sybase text column
Require 64bit MQ modules on Solaris
Unable to execute SAP BW job on PX canvass on WIN 2008
Oracle Connector lookup override source Null value in some columns
Where clause defined in the DRS stage on an auto-generated query is not used when the SQL query is executed
Truncate table statement is not supported as a user defined truncate statement in DB2 common connector for DB2 9.7
Fatal error: Null value on the accessor interfacing to field "TEXT_DATA_LONG" on data type LOB
DB2 CC jobs hang when a non-existing table name is specified for the 'exception table name' option
DTS connector treats reserved fields as unused fields and stops the job
In Oracle CC, when a select statement with INNER JOIN clause is specified, an incorrect table name is being used in the job.
DB2 Connector generated truncate statement fails on Unix
Job with DB2 connector stage aborts when reading decimal into double
FILTER stage giving issue with timestamp datatype when we are passing a Timestamp value without microsecond part.
Bulk Insert jobs of DRS with DBMSType=DB2 are getting aborted on 8.5 aix
Connectivity infrastructure needs to support data masking pack
Enhancement to add a boolean property to DB2CC for explicit DBPARTITIONNUM
DataMaskingPack: add stage type properties by using component installer
Resolution of a number of dscapi issues
Added Run table action first property to control whether SQL statement or Table action is performed first
In common connectors, need to fix Schema Reconciliation to not updating nullability when CC_USE_EXTERNAL_SCHEMA_ON_MISMATCH is not defined
Correct the usage of APT_NZ_UNIQUE_KEY_NOT_ALLOWED env variable in Netezza operator
Fixed memory leak in Oracle Connector for Insert then update write mode
DB2CC with "WRITE MODE=BULK LOAD' removes CHAR(0) in data
A null pointer exception is raised while using the XML Stage
SQL*Loader log files deleted after successful job run. New env var APT_ORA_DEL_LOADER_LOGS added to delete the log files.
In Teradata plugin, no rejects are being written when encountering "Referential constraint violation" - messages showing as informational.
GUI problems with CDC Transaction stage
Incorrect warning appears in DB2 connector stage GUI for user defined SQL statements wit comments
Common connectors are not able to read VARBINARY data when the length is zero
Oracle EE Read stage with Read Method: Table with Where Clause is not migrated to the Oracle Connector successfully.
Need to move ICU and XML4C out of common connector payload
Lookup: added field has duplicate identifier
Jobs terminate with SQL Server error when keyword is a part of table name while writing data to Sybase OC stage.
Fixed handling of schema (owner) name for bulk load scenarios
If the initial project created at product install time is deleted, users will receive the error "StageType object(s) could not be found" when attempting to View Data or Test Connection in connector stages. Users will also be unable to import metadata via connectors.
Decimal number used in a Connector stage is distorted when the decimal separator is a comma
Memory Leak in WebSphere MQ Common Connector when PUTDATE.TAG/PUTTIME.TAG Data elements used.
Using the Schema Library Manager from the XML Stage to import an XSD file including Cyrillic characters causes a message "Server Request Error - status code 410"
When using the XML Stage on a system with HTTPS enabled, while trying to open the Schema Library the following error occurs: "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"

Balance Optimizer
Fix ID
Balance Optimizer generate incorrect SQL when DISTINCT is used in SQL. There is no space added between distinct and column name. Need to manually add space as a work around. Incorrect SQL is also generated when funnel stage is used.
BalOpt generated an incorrect MERGE statement for update-then-insert write mode when the manual update statement has an update field with a constant instead of a column name.
The Order By clause in partition functions are incorrectly dropped by BalOpt SQL merge algorithm. As a result, unmatched parenthesis are generated that caused a wrong output SQL statement.
BalOpt is mistakenly mapping the time format "%nn" to "mm" for Teradata db. The correct mapping should be "MI".
BalOpt parser generates a redundant "subexpr" construct that causes the parsing to fail. This is a regression created since Rollup Patch 9.
The "TeraRev" property is a job property. BalOpt code mistakenly treated it as a stage property, and failed to obtain the TeraRev value set by the BalOpt GUI. Because of that, the code Decimal(18,5) instead of Decimal(38,10) for Teradata V2R6.2 and all newer versions.

DataStage Tools
Fix ID
The dependent items are missing when building the package from Information Server Manager
There is an invalid asset error encountered intermittently during an export.
Columns on a job are out of order when using ISX to export or import.
An ISX import command provides the misleading message of "imported 1 assets" even if nothing was imported.

Fix ID
Implementation of command to remove job from command line
"Save as" for complex flat file stage does not bring up "save table definition as" screen
ISTool build package failure if two DataStage servers are running with same instance/name
There is no [partitioning]tag in [input]tag of a parallel transformer stage in a parallel shared container.
Unable to 'View Data' in PX without write permission for project. Need an environment variable to set directory
Information Server 8.1, server job transformer, macros used in stage variables are not optimized as in output links.
CFF stage in parallel job crashes when tab key is used to define a new column in the records tab
Standard (non-admin) DataStage user has access to all projects in admin client.
CFF stage does not preserve row order in a multi-node configuration
SCD stage does not update dimension table properly for columns without SCD purpose code
Aggregator is showing wrong number of records while job is running.
Add 'environment variable parameters' checkbox to the 'resolve parameters' dialog
After pretending to modify information on an existent fastpath 1 of 5 page, links on fast path 4 and 5 of 5 go missing.
Error "Unknown error" reading record schema
"Failed to connect to JobMonApp on port" warnings randomly occur during job runs on AIX
Check enviroment variable ds_timestamp_zero_scale_to_date in OCI gui
Mismatch of the repository/folder view between Designer and Director
RTI job with an ODBC lookup to DB2: when the DB2 connexion is lost, job does not abort and returns an empty row.
A sequence job does not correctly report its userstatus on a restart.
After install of the oracle OCI patch JR36720, job with sequential file aborts with an abnormal termination.
DB2 Common Connector accepts only 30000 bytes SQL statement at most.
Problem with dsjob using -local flag and passing parameter with space character
A server job does not complete with a particular input data.
Some DataStage client panels such as "external parameter helper" obtain a lock on lock parameter set object when accessing it.
DB2CC not make a correct sql with inner join and partition read.
Failed to execute the program rungeneration.bat if installed in "C:\Program Files"
Viewing data set values using data set management tool will display incorrect data if apt_dump_score set in project level
SybaseOC unnecessarily puts key columns in set clause of an update statement.
Limit on "abort job after warning" not working for multiple instance job if invocation id set.
Result of job report is not correct. input link to a trans stage should be one but two input are shown in a generated report
Upgrade issue for encryption strings where unencrypted values is greater than 32 chars
Error when opening perf analyzer "an exception has occurred in method parsecdata():input string was not in correct format"
Problem with autopurge of multiinstance jobs, where job ids get purged and parameters are not passed from sequence to jobs
Column info of both tables(same name and different schema) are imported with 'connector import wizard ...'
Duplicate columns imported during metadata import
The dsctouppercase() api of dscapi returns the string by truncating the last character
Problems with Operational Metadata when running same job from two different projects.
Glibc detected *** phantom: double free or corruption
Provide a means to save diagnostics for investigating job compare issues
Job compare returns unexpected result if there are reject links.
Abnormal Termination when executing SAP BW jobs on Parallel canvas Windows 2008
Job compile leaves lock on buildop
Operational Metadata cannot be imported if string status code is a part of DataStage job name.
Cannot create report or use 'compare tool' for Parallel jobs has TeraData connector stage.
Poor performance of windows clients for import of large binary runtime objects, in Designer and dscmdimport
Dsjob, dsapi_slave left running but job log showed a job completed.
Fatal error when last when nvarchar column is positioned as last column
Moving or re-naming jobs in the folder causes a de-compile of the job(s)
Problem deleting job from Designer client
Oracle number type column metadata imported by ODBC plugin is loaded as decimal(38,10) to ODBC enterprise stage.
ISTool export slow
Jobs with ISD stages abort and cause the ISD application to fail if more than one application deployed
dsjob -local does not work if project is a symbolic link
Job reporting view button failing to show transformer stage variables and input/output link column properties.
Encrypted parameters can be displayed in the log using certain commands and execsh
Export of certain parallel jobs using SAP Pack stages takes a very long time and/or fails with outofmemory errors.
Unable to run server shared container in a parallel job
Information Server 8.5 hangs on attempt to run a job that has been renamed
Setting EnvVar to default does not remove from DSParams file
The results of DataTypePicComp/DataTypePicCompUnsigned are wrong
Switching projects in the Director then clearing the job log produces an RTE 91

DataStage Engine
Fix ID
File Header corruption on the filesystems configured with 64-bit device numbers, on IBMrios64 platform.
Added retry logic when establishing a dsapi_server connection.

DataStage Mainframe
Fix ID
The parallel engine slowly changing dimension stage (SCD). does not update the dimension table properly for columns without SCD purpose code. The stage sets a wrong start date when more than 2 changes happen in the same run for the same key.

Information Analyzer
Fix ID
Column analysis filter function is not working in Information Analyzer.
User specified NULL values are being truncated
IA Support for FoxPro Databases
Allow the user to define custom default behavior for the 'Update Existing Tables' option.
Multiple problems when using 811 artifacts in 85
Customized Report Logo does not display on all reports
In CDA, count of unmatched rows is incorrect when there are null values in the data.
Synchronous IA job run activities corrupting ISF sessions
UI should enable Save button if rule bindings are removed when rule text is changed
Viewing rule output results fails if rule is bound to a global variable and additional output columns are specified
UI produces NullPointerException on screen refresh operations while a Data Rule is open
Error while importing metadata on 811 customer system
When running Information Analyzer Data Rules the resulted tables are not dropping correctly.
Information Analyzer Metadata Summary Report throwing PARAMETERS/NOT NULL error message
Metadata summary information not displayed on all pages of the report.
Rule execution can cause large transaction logs in IADB
Format Exception occurs on Column Analysis view results in Format Tab after applying IFT 8.1.2 FP4
UI locks up when copying or deleting data rules
Data rule 'matches_format' with operator function 'X' does not work on Information Analyzer 8.5
Data Rule expressions that contain DATE() function are returning NULL eg., "DATE()-365".
Unable to view Domain and Completeness results for Information Analyzer column analysis when data source is Netezza DB.

Parallel Engine
Fix ID
The parallel transformer function ABS() gives incorrect results when its input exceeds a 32-bit range.
Killing a large parallel job during startup can leave behind orphan osh processes.
Passwords for the Salesforce PACK become corrupted when they are saved as encrypted strings
The parallel Change Captures change puts a message in the log whenever the value exclusion feature is excluded.
The parallel engine Complex Flat File (CFF) stage does not preserve the input row order when it is run with a multinode configuration file.
The resource tracker program which feeds data to the parallel engine performance analysis tool leaks memory and crashes eventually.
The parallel framework sometimes fails to insert sort stages on input to stages which require sorted data. For more details see Tech Note
The DataStage job property for default timestamp format is not used for some implicit timestamp conversion in parallel jobs.
Warnings that were generated when data is truncated in Information 8.0.1 and earlier DataStage releases are not generated in later versions.
Parallel jobs using NFS file systems sometimes fail in the lookup operator with a message the lookup table is an unknown version. This is because the cached version of some files was not being written to physical disk.
Parallel engine jobs using a nullable key field as input to a transformer stage fail with message 'Key field nnn was not found in the input schema'.
When a file set produces no inputs for the sequential file stage, the parallel engine throws the error 'Unable to generate a node map from fileset'
Parallel jobs reading date fields with the sequential file stage sometimes fail with SIGSEGV errors
When Parallel sequential stage reads fixed length string columns with data that doesn't fill the entire fixed length, Peek and View Data produce truncated output
Parallel jobs with mpp configuration throw message 'Resource bundle corresponding to message key not found!' during job startup
Parallel jobs report fatal errors from the Aggregator stage, but the overall job is reported to succeed.
Parallel Framework job compilation fails if the transformer contains an integer constant which exceeded 32 bits of magnitude.
When multiple file patterns are used in sequential file to read a source file, the sequential stage produces zero records when there is no match for first file pattern. Whereas, if there is a match for the first file pattern the stage work fine.
On AIX IS (64BIT)the parallel join operator can not create a table bigger than 2GB in memory..
On Parallel Engine, connection between two physical servers fails when APT_PM_CONNECT_USING_NAME is set
The parallel framework End of Wave algorithm for checking operator's wave-awareness causes performance issues.
Unable to compile parallel job that uses a transformer stage on Suse Linux 11 with the standard gcc 4.4 compiler.

Fix ID
Selecting a rule set in Standardize is temporarily locking the DCT file.
Standardize stage cannot handle a large number of field/literal options
Match Specification order doesn't remain in order after copy made.
Match Specification Copy passes not working properly.
A job containing an SQA stage can fail with composition sets containing large numbers of records.

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