Unsupported Spooled File viewing function in Rational Developer for Power v8.0



In Rational Developer for Power Systems Software v8.0, some limited ability for viewing Spooled Files on IBM i was added.


Some new ability to view Spooled Files was added in Rational Developer for Power Systems Software v8.0.
It is not documented in the product help.

It is not officially supported; so PMRs/APARs will not be accepted on it.

To briefly describe the Spooled File function:

In the Remote System Explorer view, under an IBM i Connection, there is a new node for a Spooled File Subsystem. You can also add your own spooled file filters by right-clicking on the subsystem.

The filters can be expanded to show as nodes in the tree, or you right click on a filter and select the Show in Table to see the list of spooled files shown in a separate table view of spooled files.

Selecting a spooled file, you can have its contents shown in a browser view

There are 2 tabs in the browser view that you can toggle between; which show the contents in 2 separate formats.

The first is a text format. The content is retrieved as a print device stream, and all but the text data is stripped out for showing. (Known problem: It doesn't do a perfect job of filtering out all the printer formatting codes. Notably, there is some garbage text shown on the first line.)

The second is an image format. The content is retrieved one page image at a time as a graphic image and shown. You can scroll the view image around within the one page. Pressing the page down/up keys should go to the next page, after requesting and getting it from the IBM i. There are 2 vertical scroll bars; the inner for within the page, the outer for selecting pages.

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