FileNet Image Services supports AIX 7.1



FileNet Image Services, version 4.1.2 FP10 and later, supports AIX 7.1.


AIX 7.1 is supported with FileNet Image Services 4.1.2 FP10 and later.

Known issues:
1. The following IBM APARs (IBM OS Patches) are also required: IZ87216 and IZ87564.

2. The only version of Oracle that FileNet Image Services supports on AIX 7.1 is Oracle 11gR2 (11.2.0).

3. The lsdev -C listing displays "N/A" instead of "FileNet Optical Disk Drive" when optical disk drives are present. This cosmetic issue might be seen when the environment variable is not set correctly on the server. The 'primary cultural convention' and the 'primary language translation' should be set to the appropriate local language, for example, ISO8859-1 English (United States) (en_US). That would set LANG to en_US and then lsdev -C will display sod devices correctly. If the LANG variables are set incorrectly it does not affect the functionality of the driver only the display output of lsdev -C.

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