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Effective February 2011, there is a change in the way license keys will be distributed for IBM ILOG Elixir products.


When you originally received Elixir Enterprise, you were given instructions on how to obtain a license key: you were asked to visit an IBM WebSphere License Key Center, enter your account information, and a key was delivered. Starting in February 2011, this License Key Center will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to get your key this way.
If you are using the current version of Elixir (3.0 or later, released in June 2010), then this notification is not relevant to you. Starting with version 3.0, we removed the licensing key mechanism.

However, if you are using a previous version (Elixir 1.0, Elixir 2.0, or Elixir 2.5), you may still need a license key (if, for example, you lost your original key). This letter informs you that there is a new mechanism to obtain that replacement key. Please do the following:

We will respond to your request after we have verified that your company is legally entitled to this key.

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