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Installing version 7.5 Software Delivery Platform products results in "486604803 Past the expiration date on license" error

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Attempts to install Software Delivery Platform products such as IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software version 7.5 results in the error "486604803 Past the expiration date on license" seen in the IBM Installation Manager log file.


In the Installation Manager log, you see the following entries:

Error while trying installing the tryAndBuy license.
486604803 Past the expiration date on license.
Error occurred in phase: install
  SU: rad.v75.trial.lum
  IU: rad.v75.trial.lum null->
  Message: LUM enablement operation error during install phase for license file at "C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP75/lum/".

Note: To locate the logs for your platform, refer to the Agent Data location information section of the Installation Manager InfoCenter.

This may happen as well with other Software Delivery Platform version 7.5 products.


The Trial license which comes with Rational Application Developer version 7.5.0 media files expired on the December 31 2010.

This error occurs only if you are using the version 7.5.0 disk set of the Rational Application Developer installation files.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this error you can use one of the following option:

Download from Passport Advantage the IBM Rational Application Developer version 7.5.4 media and perform the installation using the newly download installation files.


Using the version 7.5.0 install media, you can search for update and install Rational Application Developer v7.5.4 or newer directly (for more information refer to the Installing the fix pack during an initial installation section of one of the FixPack download document.
For example, FixPack


Upgrade IBM Installation Manager to a version equal or higher than 1.4.2
With IBM Installation Manager 1.4.2 or higher, the error will be become a warning and therefore will not block anymore the installation. IBM Rational Application Developer will be installed but the temporary license file will be installed. You will therefore need to apply right away your Activation Kit or point to a license server.

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Software Development Rational Software Architect Standard Edition Windows 7.5
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