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How to utilize Static Memory Allocation in IBM Rational Rhapsody

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How do you utilize the Static Memory Allocation functionality in IBM Rational Rhapsody?


The number of class or event instances is controlled by a static memory pool that will not allocate additional memory resources beyond the number specified in either of these properties.


The Static Memory Allocation for Real-time Operating System or processor targeting is used by setting either the CPP_CG::Class:BaseNumberOfInstances or CG::Event::BaseNumberOfInstances. These can also be set simultaneously if desired.

Note: If the property CPP_CG::Class::AdditionalNumberOfInstances or CG::Event::AdditionalNumberOfInstances is used, this will override the Static Memory properties and immediately activates dynamic memory allocation by allocating additional memory. This is done according to the number of instances specified in this property. It should not be used if intention is to use only Static Memory Allocation.

Similar properties are also used in the Rhapsody in C - edition.

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