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Installation order when installing fix packs for WebSphere Business Monitor and WebSphere Process Server in one package group

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When installing IBM WebSphere Business Monitor Version 7 and IBM WebSphere Process Server Version 7 into one package group, installation order is important.

If WebSphere Business Monitor is installed and updated to a later fix pack level before Process Server is installed, some plugins are overwritten by the WebSphere Process Server installation, causing unpredictable results later.


In order to avoid issues, install IBM WebSphere Business Monitor Version 7.0, then install IBM WebSphere Process Server Version 7.0 into the same package. After that, apply fix packs for both products as needed.

You can install the two products in the reverse order (for example: first install Process Server, then install Monitor), but the fix packs must only be installed after having installed both products.

If you do not install both products into the same package, the order is not important.

One observed issue when not following the correct order is the inability of a monitor model to change from a CEI distribution mode of Inactive to Active. In the FFDC logs you will find this error:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com/ibm/wbimonitor/server/configutil/EventGroupProfile.isPersistEventsAttributeSupported()

The order in which the products and fix packs were installed can be checked through the IBM Installation Manager Installation History. You can access the Installation History in the File menu.

If you have installed your environment in the incorrect order, please follow these steps to fix any possible problems:

  1. Roll back the fix pack that was installed first (Example: WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0 Fix Pack 3).
  2. Install the fix pack you just rolled back again.

The reinstallation of the fix pack will overwrite the plugins with the correct versions again.

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