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Encrypt script is documented in the "Command Line Tools" section of the Reference manual of the TPM 7.2 InfoCenter. The input parameter is a text to be encrypted and there is no out put documented.


This has been identified as a product defect under APAR IZ92821


The Encrypt script is designed to encrypt a text input into an encrypted string. The output string can be copied and pasted into any other data file.

Customer uses encrypt script to encrypt password. Section "Encrypted password for LWI SOAP Interface" indicates that the encrypt script creates:

1) encrypt.log in TIO_LOGS directory

2) configini.property and password.property files in TIO_HOME/soapclient/tpmlteSoap/clientWrapper directory

When customer run encrypt script, neither of the above can be found.

Could you review and verify our understanding?

One other question, is it correct that we can not use the output of encrypt command for soapcli.sh? soapcli.sh is documented to be issued with user ID and password as the first explicit two parameters.

Thank you for your help.

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