Installing standalone TPM 7.1.1 TCA on HP-UX 11.23 failed

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to installing TPM 7.1.1 TCA standalone on an HP-UX 11.23 server failed returned error code 1.


Customer built a TCA standalone installation package for his endpoint. When the package is installed at the target endpoint, the installation failed with the following message in the install.log:


Wed Jan 26 13:07:43 MET 2011 Info: Common Agent will be installed into: /opt/tivoli/ep

Wed Jan 26 13:07:43 MET 2011 Info: The Tivoli Common Agent is installed in OEM mode.

Wed Jan 26 13:07:43 MET 2011 Info: CASInstall.OEMInstall value: false

Wed Jan 26 13:07:43 MET 2011 Info: Using non default truststore type: copy

Wed Jan 26 13:08:18 MET 2011 Error: Error during executing installer. Returned error code was: 1


The output from the installer has following message logged:


rm: directory /tmp/istemp11158026130746 not removed. Directory not empty

No Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was found on this system.

Error: Installation command exited with a return code: 1

rm: cannot remove .. or .


Resolving the problem

The problem was resulted from there is not enough time for the Java JVM code to be expanded from the JRE bindle of the TCA installation package. The ISMP timeout is set to 5 sec by default.

This issue has been corrected in Apar IZ68558. The fix is included in TPM 7.1.1 IF00003. The fix introduced an optional parameter to set the time out value in

As a workaround, TCA install in standalone mode can be started by invoking the binary with:

./setup.hp -options caInstall.rsp -silent -is:jvmtimer 100

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