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IBM products publish Authorized Program Analysis Records (APARs) to the Web while in the "open" state. Learn how to subscribe to this content to track issues you are interested in following.


IBM product teams publish open APARs to Support Portal.

  • If you are "entitled" to the product, you can open and review the APAR record.
  • If you have configured your MyNotifications subscription account, you can subscribe to the APAR record and be notified of any changes.

Review the details below for more information.

Table of contents:

About APARs

An Authorized Program Analysis Report, or APAR, is a formal report to IBM development of a problem caused by a suspected defect in a current release of an IBM program.

If IBM development is able to confirm the existence of the defect, the APAR record will be updated with any known workarounds.
The APAR record will then be published so that it is visible to supported customers.

If a Service Request / Problem Management Record (SR/PMR) that you have submitted results in an APAR being created and published, or is related to an already published APAR, your support engineer will advise you of the APAR reference number.

Note: The number provided can be appended to the following URL to access the record directly once published:{APAR#}


You can use the same URL for the APAR in an Open state as that which you use when it is Closed.

Key points

  • Entitlement requirements (details below):
    • Open APARs published on the Web are entitled resources and require user authentication.

  • Obtain basic information from the open APAR record:
    • You can obtain the workaround (if available)
    • You can obtain the status of the defect (open or closed)

  • Automate status updates:
    • You can track APAR updates from open to close using the option Subscribe to this APAR on the right side panel of the APAR document.


  1. From the right side panel of an open APAR record, select Notify me when an APAR for this component changes and click Subscribe.

    The My Notifications delivery options will then display.

  2. Sign into My Notifications using your IBM ID and Password.
    • If not already registered, follow the instructions on the sign on screen to register. You should not have to sign on again if you already signed on to view an open APAR.

  3. Select the delivery preferences you would prefer (RSS/Atom feed, e-mail or both).

    E-mails you receive will have a subject of "IBM My Notifications - APAR tracking" when there are significant status changes to any APAR that has the same Component ID as the APAR you were viewing on the Web.

Entitlement requirements

The ability to see Open APARs on the Web is restricted to clients with entitled IBM Customer Identification Numbers (ICNs). You should login with your IBM Login ID which is mapped to your ICNs.

Your ICNs will then determine what you are entitled to see (includes all open APARs which match your entitled ICNs and which have been selected for Web publishing).

The first time you try to access one of the open APARs on the Web, you may see a screen that will provide details about how to "Get access To entitled resources". You need to provide the necessary details in the fields that apply.

Note: Even though you may have already associated your ICN with your IBM ID in the Technical Support section of this page, the validation of your support entitlements for the display of APARs is done against the ICN(s) you list in the IBM Passport Advantage software subscription and support section.

Search and display an open APAR

  • You can search for published APARs on the IBM Support Portal:

  • You can also find an APAR by searching for it using the search box at the top of any page on the IBM web site.

    For example, this search...

    ...will return the following result:

    To view the APAR you can simply click the title in the search result.

  • You can also browse the published APARs by visiting the Troubleshooting documentation page in the IBM Support Portal

    1. Expand the section for the product family you are interested and click the product name

    2. Click "Troubleshooting documentation" under "Product support content

    3. Select "Search results:" All APARs" Recommended link

  • For open APARs, in the search results listing you will see the APAR listed with a Key icon which indicates that registration is required.


    When you click to open the APAR, you will see a message indicating that the document is available to authorized users and a link to the actual document is provided. If you are not logged in with your IBM Login ID, you will be prompted to login:

    What is this document:
    This document has the abstract of a technical article that is available to authorized users after you have logged in. Please use the
    link to actual document below to access the full document. You will be asked to log in if you are not already logged in. After log in, if you do not have the right authorization for this document, there will be instructions on what to do next.


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IBM ID - Help and FAQ:

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