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Cannot open eForm in IE when total number of characters in all cells in a single eForm exceeds 2,083 characters.

Technote (troubleshooting)


An IBM ECM P8 eForm Workflow policy (eForm WF) is created using a IBM ECM P8 eForm ITX file (eForm), an IBM ECM P8 eForm Entry Template (eForm Template) and a IBM ECM P8 Workflow (WorkFlow). The eForm cells are mapped to an equivalent WorkFlow property through this eForm WF.

An eForm data file (.ifx) is created and data is added to each cell in the eform.

The eForm data file is selected and the workflow associated with it is launched. The eForm fails to appear.

If the combined total of all eForm cell lengths mapped to the equivalent workflow properties exceeds 2083 characters, this will result in the eForm not been launched in IE. The maximum URL length allowed in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is 2083 characters.


The problem URL below with the combined length greater than 2083 characters will result in the URL been truncated, as indicated by the truncated eform cell property.


If the total length of the URL string is less than the maximum number of characters allowed, then the URL should end with a "q". 

E.g. Working URL:

(The "...." in the above URLs represents the other eform cells and workflow properties that appear in the URL.)


This issue does not occur with Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers have not been tested.

Resolving the problem

Reduce the total length of the URL text to below 2083 characters when using IE. This includes not only the eForm cells and Workflow properties, but also the header information in order to reference the correct eform ITX file, eForm Entry template and eForm Workflow policy.

Document information

More support for: FileNet eForms
Eforms for P8

Software version: 4.0.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1460781

Modified date: 21 February 2014