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Executing memory intensive OPL models

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When executing my OPL model, I run out of memory. What should I do?


If executing your model in the CPLEX Studio IDE makes the IDE run out of memory, we suggest that you enable the method end() by setting the property "mainEndEnabled" to true (see the documentation: IDE and OPL > Optimization Programming Language (OPL) > Language User's Manual > IBM ILOG Script for OPL > Tutorial: Flow control and column generation > Detailed steps > Ending objects).

If this does not help, try executing the model outside the IDE, with the command oplrun.

If the solve fails with oplrun, try adding the option "-deploy". Information on the "-deploy" option can be found in the documentation under "IDE and OPL > oplrun Command Line Interface > Syntax > Command line options"

If oplrun -deploy does not solve the memory issue, try to solve your model on a 64-bit Operating System.

Finally, if solving your model on a 64-bit OS still produces an "out of memory" error, you may seek advice from IBM Support or IBM Professional Services, who may be able to reformulate the model so that it consumes less memory.

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Commerce IBM ILOG OPL-CPLEX-ODM Area:Performance Windows 12.2 All Editions
Commerce IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Area:Performance Platform Independent 6.3 All Editions

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