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How to edit Rational System Architect database configuration files

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How do you modify the database configuration files in IBM Rational System Architect?


You want to see all the encyclopedia names listed when the SQL instance is selected.


All the connection information such as the SQL server name, SQL instance name, Encyclopedia Name and Security Type are found within the .SAR and .SAC files.

These files are present under the following directory:

C:\Documents  and Settings\<login>\Local Settings\Application Data\Telelogic\System Architect\Connections

Note: SA2001.ini, .SAR and .SAC files are specific to each user profiles. If you make changes in these files, it will be specific to the selected user profile and will not affect all users.

The .SAR file contains information particular to encyclopedia and .SAC file contains information particular to a connection. You may open the .sac file(s) with a text editor.

Ensure that the connection information is correct.

For example:


Name=Local Server ABDTLOGICSA11020



ServerType=SQL Server

Similarly when you open the .sar file(s) in a text editor, you should be able to see the encyclopedia name and type (either Professional / Enterprise type of encyclopedia) along with the connection name.

For example:


Name=Destination encyclopedia

Connection=Local Server GSBSAE13RSA


So if you want to see all the encyclopedia names listed when the SQL instance is selected, specify the encyclopedia name, SQL instance name or other as mentioned above and save these files with .sar and .sac file extension under the specific user profile directory.

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