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Using DataStage 8.1 dsjob command with a non-standard port number

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Why do I have to supply -user and -password when using the DataStage 8.1 dsjob command with a non-standard port number?


The default port number used by dsjob is 31538. If you have installed DataStage 8.1 with a non-standard port number, you may notice you have to include the -user and -password parameters along with the non-standard port number, which you did not have to supply in release 7.5.x .

A patch is available that does not require you to supply -user and -password in this case.

Do the following:
Install patch JR31155 or FixPack 1, which includes JR31155.
Use a dsjob command of the form: dsjob -server :31810 -lprojects

Note: Specify the non-standard port number only. Do not specify the server name or you will also
have to include -user and -password.

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Software version: 8.1

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Modified date: 04 February 2016

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