C:\Windows\Temp directory fills up quickly while working with Rational Focal Point

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How do you help avoid C:\Windows\Temp directory to run out of disk space when using IBM Rational Focal Point?


Filling up the temp directory on the disk takes up the drive space causing the application to stop responding.

This is specific to Windows as Operating System and PostgreSQL as the database.


Steps to avoid lucene files to add on the disk:

  1. Stop Focal Point

  2. Login to PostgreSQL database

  3. Execute the following query (where xx is the tableidno)

    drop table lucenexx cascade;

    Note: The lucene table will be listed as lucene2, lucene3 ...

  4. Execute the following query on the same database

    delete from indexqueue
  5. Restart PostgreSQL services

  6. Navigate to <Tomcat Home>/conf/Catalina/localhost

  7. Edit fp.xml

  8. Add the line

    <Resource name="focalpoint/filestorage" auth="Container"
    basePath="C:/focalpoint/files" />

  9. Ensure it states FileStorageDB and not FileStorageFS.

    Note: If its FileStorageFS, change it to FileStorageDB

  10. Start Tomcat

  11. Monitor the tomcat logs for index recreation

  12. Launch Focal Point

Monitor your disk space for a day.

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