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Many FMC22590W and FMC22595W warnings are seen in the MQ Workflow system log fmcsys.log

Technote (troubleshooting)


When running MQ Workflow V3.6 the warning messages FMC22590W and FMC22595W are some times found in great numbers in the Workflow system log - fmcsys.log. Is this a problem or can it be ignored?


FMC22590W and FMC22595W entries are found in the hundreds or thousands in the MQ Workflow system log. Example:

FMC22595W Process CWS, connector from RETLoanFlow.FMCINTERNALNOOP to RETLoanFlow.LAD: Member RETLoanFlow.FMCINTERNALNOOP:ctRouteToDep2 is not set.
FMC22590W Process CWS, activity RETLoanFlow: Member RETLoanFlow: ctState is not set.


When designing the process definition an object, such as a process or connector, was not given an initial value. This causes warning messages of FMC22590W and FMC22595W to be generated in the MQ Workflow system log.

Diagnosing the problem

Check the MQ Workflow system log - fmcsys.log - for large numbers of these warning messages.

Resolving the problem

These are just warnings and the process definition will function correctly without the initial value set for the objects. However this causes unnecessary overhead and may result in a problem with system performance.

  • A large table can result in poor performance of the Administration Server. If an extremely large number of entries are made each day it may cause the system log table fmc.system_log to get unusually large. The MQ Workflow Administration Server is responsible for placing entries into this table as well as fmc.error_log.
  • Use the fmcsys.log file to determine which objects do not have an initial setting and modify the Flow Definition Language(FDL) file to resolve that.

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fmc00wf fmc00sya fmc00prf fmc00fdl fmc00ads fmc00bpr fmc00pds

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