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There is a problem with SSL certificates within the Android OS browser which can prevent the browser from downloading files.This behavior can also be seen when SSL is not in use as well.


When I try to download and install the IBM Lotus Mobile Installer/Notes Traveler (LotusInstaller.apk package) on an Android device, the device "hangs" on the download and does not complete. This behavior can be witnessed with and without the use of SSL.


The browser built into Android may have a problem downloading with SSL certificates.

For details on this Android bug:

Resolving the problem

This is currently an issue with the Google browser in the Android OS. Google needs to address this in a future update for this to work correctly.

There are several possible workarounds for this issue (including but not limited to):

  • When using SSL, ensure that a well-known certificate is in use to secure the http server hosting Traveler.
  • If the user has Gmail configured on the device, they can email the LotusInstaller.apk as an attachment and select to install this attachment. To save this file to be emailed, log into the Traveler servlet http(s)://<>/servlet/traveler (http(s)://<>/traveler for Upgrade Pack level code and beyond), select "Select an IBM Lotus Mobile Installer" and then "Android" or "Download IBM Lotus Notes Traveler for Android" Save the file LotusInstaller.apk and email it to your Gmail account.
  • Download and install another browser such Firefox to the device and retry the installation with one of these browsers instead of using the Google browser.

    Note: Opera Mini browser is based on client server architecture. This means that a URL entered in Opera Mini browser first goes to Opera server and there it reduces the size of page (from say 1 MB to 50 KB) and then this 50 KB data is sent back to Opera Mini browser. Therefore, the internet data usage is greatly reduced from 1 MB to just 50 KB. This is suitable for those who want to reduce their data usage. It is not suitable for downloads. For downloading the Traveler client, use a Firefox browser instead.

  • Find some other mechanism to place the LotusInstaller.apk on the device. For Example: Download the LotusInstaller.apk package to your desktop, and sync this to the device's SD card. Install the LotusInstaller.apk from the SD card.

    A file manager program may need to be installed on the device and can be found in the Android Market.

Please contact your device manufacturer or carrier if additional details are needed on this Android browser defect.

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