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How to Turn on Error and Event Logs for Communications Manager (commgr) in GNR

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How do I turn on the Error and Event Logs for the Communications Manager (commgr) in IBM InfoSphere Global Name Recognition (GNR)?


Communications Manager (commgr) logging is not enabled by default.


You can turn on the Error and Event logs for the Communications Manager (commgr)

under the commgr section of ds.config as well as under each searcher section/entry by
specifying the filename for each.

Distributed Search has four log levels that you can control with the configuration file. Each entry recognizes the following:

* filename – the name of the file where you want log entries to be put.
* cout, cerr, clog – the standard output streams.
* blank (default)– nothing tells Name Preprocessor that this log is not required.

logDebug (logDebug= )
Shows debug messages used during development. In production, there will be very little output to this log.

logError (logError=cout )
Shows error conditions such as invalid user input, system errors, and communication problems.

logEvent (logEvent=cout )
Logs significant events such as startup conditions, message transmission, and reception.

logMessage (logMessage= )
Logs all incoming and outgoing messages. This produces a lot of output and should be disabled during normal operation.

To turn on the logging for these, you can specify a file for logError and logEvent for
commgr and each searcher. This should populate the files the next time the commgr is restarted.

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