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How to enable Sametime Component debugging

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This document describes how to enable community component specific debugging to assist in tracing all information for a specific component. This would be used as a substitute for VP_TRACE_ALL=1 against all global components which can use a significant amount of resources and disk space. VP_TRACE_ALL=1 should not be used under the general [DEBUG] section for this reason.

Resolving the problem

In Sametime 8.0.2 and later, we now have the ability to isolate all traces to a specific community components.

Lotus Sametime 8.0.2 require an additional stdebug.dll hotfix to allow component level debugging. If VP_TRACE_ALL debugging is requested from IBM, please request this hotfix.

8.5x and later
This functionality is included in releases 8.5x and later and only requires entering the correct Sametime.ini values. All Community server components allow the below debugging. This does not include Meeting server components.

To enable component debugging determine what community component is to be debugged.
Check the program directory for the executable file.

The name must be entered in the exact case to the component file name. and must begin with [DEBUG-ComponentName].

From a Windows install of Sametime:

To enable:
1) Create a NEW section in the sametime.ini using the below example specifying the community component to be debugged. This is not included as part of the existing [DEBUG] section.

In this example we will use the STFileTransfer component and STMux components.



2) Add the below additional flags to both the newly added component specific created above and the original default [DEBUG] section if they do not exist.

3) Save and close the Sametime.ini file.

4) Stop and Start the Sametime server for the changes to take affect.

Files will be output to the \trace folder on your Sametime server.

Use Stdiagzip.(SH / BAT) to collect traces.

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