http://404 error after restarting IBM Rational Focal Point

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Rational Focal Point fails to startup after restart


Extracts in the log show the error:
"Context Initialization Failed. /fp could not be started due to previous errors"


This issue has been logged as product defect with APAR# PM37337

This could possibly be due to the usersession table not having been cleared at startup.

Resolving the problem

Following is a possible workaround to resolve this error.
Please note the steps could have a direct impact on un-saved data in the usersession. Use the following steps with caution and only in critical need situations:

  1. Login to database
  2. Execute the query "delete from usersession;"
  3. Start Tomcat

Rational Focal Point should now startup.

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Rational Focal Point
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Software version:,,, 6.5,

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Linux, Solaris, Windows

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