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Korean rule sets for IBM InfoSphere QualityStage



This document summarizes the latest updates to the Korean rule sets. Also, it describes how to download the Korean rule sets from the IBM Passport Advantage website.


Summary of changes
In Korea, some small cities were consolidated into one city. These changes are reflected in the KOPREP, KOADDR, and KOAREA rule sets. Also, the KONAME rule set was updated to accommodate company names that contain digits.

In this release of the Korea_New the dictionaries of KOAREA and KOADDR were modified to accommodate UTF-formatted data. The lengths of following columns have been increased.

Table 1. Address columns with increased length

Column Old length New length
SanIdentifier 2 3
BunjiValue 15 30
BuildingType 15 24

Table 2. Area columns with increased length
Column Old length New length
GuName 9 12

Downloading Korean rule sets
Korean rule sets are available from the IBM Passport Advantage website.
  1. Go to the Find Downloads and Media page of Passport Advantage and log in.
  2. Search for IBM InfoSphere Information Server Postal Validation Rules for Korea to find all the images that are available for the Korean rule sets. Version 8.1 rule sets are compatible with InfoSphere Information Server V8.5.
  3. Select the most recent image. For example, CZG0RKO.
  4. Extract the most recent image into a temporary directory on your system.
  5. Import the .isx file by using the istool command line according to the instructions in the readme.txt file.

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