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Restarting the CM Server when a schema is upgraded in ClearQuest

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Is it necessary to restart the CM Server for IBM Rational ClearQuest when a schema is upgraded?


You have a test environment that shares the same CM Server as the production environment. Every time a new schema needs to be tested and database upgraded, the restart of the CM Server drops all production users.


All current users must log out and log in back into ClearQuest Web again after a schema upgrade. You are not technically required to restart the CM Server after the upgrade. However, you do not guarantee that users refresh their sessions unless you restart the server. Restarting CM Server will kill all the current sessions and make sure that users get the new version of schema when logging back in.

Additionally, if some users are using Eclipse client or native client at the time of schema upgrade they cannot be automatically logged out.

Restarting the server for this purpose is considered a workaround. It is not recommended to upgrade a schema during business or production hours. Users will get error messages when they try to submit changes to the database based on the older schema.

The proper activity, not only for CM server but for all clients, is to not share the test and production environments. That way the test environment can be used for testing without any consequences to the production environment.

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