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IBM stopped selling IBM ILOG AMPL in October 2010.

The General Availability (GA) and End-of-Support (EOS) dates of the currently maintained versions of ILOG AMPL and IBM ILOG AMPL are being published here to make our clients aware of the End-of-Support dates and to help them with their migration planning.

The End-of-Support dates are also listed on the IBM Software life cycle page at

Name GA Date EOS Date Policy PID
IBM ILOG AMPL 12.2 2010-07-05 2013-09-30 Standard 5724-Y45
IBM ILOG AMPL 12.1 2009-09-25 2012-09-30 Standard 5724-Y45
ILOG AMPL 11.2 2008-10-23 2011-07-31 Other
ILOG AMPL 11.1 2008-05-29 2010-10-23 Other

You can contact AMPL LLC (this website resides outside IBM) for more information about AMPL and to purchase licenses or for more service options.

Unless otherwise specified, warranty, service and support for non-IBM products are provided directly to you by the product manufacturer, supplier, or publisher of the product. IBM makes no representations or warranties regarding non-IBM products.

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