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Install IBM Jazz application on Windows yields errors like "Can not create shortcut file <file>", "Failed to create executable extension"

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An attempt to install an IBM Jazz application results in errors like "Failed to create executable extension" during the installation.


Attempts to install a Jazz application might result in different messages during the installation.

Examples of errors that have been observed are the following messages.

  • Installation failed. Error during "install" phase:

    Can not create shortcut file <file>

  • Installation failed. Error during "install" phase:  

    Failed to create executable extension

  • Installation failed. Error during "install" phase:

    Error removing intermediate unpacked files at <path>

  • Adding zip <file> to repository C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\Installation Manager failed.


The lengths of files and folders in the installation download exceed a certain limit. This happens when you unpack the download into a directory with a relatively long path name. This path name exceeds roughly 100 characters.

Diagnosing the problem

You cannot install the product through Installation Manager.

Errors occur at install time. A dialog pops up with an error message referring to a file with a long path, exceeding the limit.

Resolving the problem

Move the installation files to a folder with a shorter path length. Shorter means less than 100 characters in the length of the path to launchpad.exe.

Leverage the Jazz Community
Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to 1319600 Leveraging the Jazz Community on for details and links.

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Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Rational Quality Manager Windows 3.0.1
Software Development Rational Requirements Composer Windows 3.0.1
Software Development Rational Insight Windows 1.0

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Software version: 3.0

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Modified date: 28 August 2013