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Rt-click menu options for "Find" and "Search This View" are no longer available in 8x

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How can I select the option to "Search This View" within a view/folder?


These were intentionally removed from the product's rt-click menu.


A product decision was made to the importance and length of selectable options presented on the real estate of the rt-click menu. Notes 8, unlike earlier releases, provides the customer with the opportunity of integrating additional plugins, custom plugins and embedded components which also can require unique, additional options

In previous releases of Notes, users might right-click on a folder or view and select one of these options.

These options have been intentionally removed in Notes 8x.

The right-click action for "Search This View" is available instead via the View drop down menu. Actually, the right-click selection merely toggled this Search Bar on and off.

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Modified date: 30 October 2014

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