SQL Special Registers for Date/Time Do Not Reflect Virtual Time

Technote (troubleshooting)


References to the CURRENT DATE, CURRENT TIME, or CURRENT TIMESTAMP special registers in SQL calls return real time instead of the virtual time configured for the calling application in the ATF VCD.


The required ZAP to the DSNXVCTS CSECT in the DSNXGRDS load module is not being used by the DBM1 address space associated with this DB2 region.

Resolving the problem

Apply the required ZAP as documented in the ATF for z/OS Installation and Customization Guide chapter on Using ATF with DB2. See TechNote 1438030 for the list of the latest list of members required for the different DB2 releases. If this step has already been performed, make sure that the resultant module is in the search order (typically, the STEPLIB DD) for the DBM1 address space.

NOTE: This ZAP may need to be reapplied after any maintenance or DB2 release upgrades. See TechNote 1318022 for more information on this topic.

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