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SDK - Utility CM_Tester does not work with the Firefox Browser in default location.

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Why do I get errors using Firefox browser with CM_Tester located in the Webcontent directory of IBM Cognos BI software ?


CM_Tester application using Firefox does not work and gives these errors when a logon is attempted :
Error Received in 8.4 :
Unable to send request, please insure you are running under the same server and port as the Content Manager URL

Error Received in C8.4.1 and up :
The Page at http://localhost_orServername says:

Error sending request to
Error #0 undefined
HTTP Status: 0, ReadyState: 4


CM_Tester when used together with the Firefox browser does not operate, when attempting to logging on to the IBM Cognos BI system using the Dispatcher or Content Manager URI

Firefox browser security prevents logon of CM_Tester utility ,what it perceives as a security violation.

cm_tester uses AJAX to communicate between the htm page and CM. Firefox's security model, by default, does not allow for AJAX communication between what it perceives as different domains.

For example if you're running cm_tester from c:/cognos/webcontent/cm_tester.htm and sending requests to http://localhost:9300/p2pd/servlet ,Firefox will block this communication. To work around this security feature: 1. Copy cm_tester.htm to /webapps/p2pd/cm_tester.htm 2. Access cm_tester.htm using the URL http://localhost:9300/p2pd/cm_tester.htm

This way when cm_tester sends its AJAX requests it is sending them to the same domain and the security model isn't violated.

An Enhancement for relocation or addressing this issue of cm_tester application was logged with development, but since CM_Tester is regarded as an unsupported application and internal tool only, no changes will be done in the future.

As of IBM Cognos 10, the CMTools utility was added to the installation which provides very similar functionality as cm_tester, in addition to other functions.
You can find this tool in the <Installation>/bin/utilities/cm folder, and would be a better choice for use. CMTools is also a unsupported Utitily for Internal use, but clients can use and evaluate it if so desired.

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