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Calendar View Shows Incorrectly For Paraguay DST 2010

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Paraguay has announced changes to its Daylight Saving Time (DST) schedule. As such the OS has to be updated with a hot fix from Microsoft. Once done, a new time zone is added to the OS time zone tables, which are not recognized by Notes. Once the OS is set to observe DST using the Asuncion time zone, all of the calendar entries show off by a varying amount of hours


Calendar entries show incorrectly when you change the OS time zone to Asuncion.


The problem is caused because Notes does not recognize the new time zone in its internal mapping file, and the new time zone is not present in the local system's Java data which uses the Olson tables as a reference for time zones

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue, simply close the Notes client and add the following line to the TZMappings file which can be found in the ....Notes\jvm\lib directory.

Paraguay Standard Time:917,917:PY:America/Asuncion:

Note: When editing the tzmapping file, there are hidden characters that may not appear in the text editor. It may be necessary to copy an existing entry into the next line and modify the text to show as above. Once done, the file should be view with a web browser to verify the information is correct. Each entry should appear on its own line.

After the line is added, restart the Notes client, and the calendar entries should show correctly. If they do not show correctly, open the user's location document and change the "Use OS time zone settings" to No and select the Asuncion time zone if it isn't selected. This setting is found on the Advanced tab of the location document. Please know that this should only be done for testing purposes. It is recommended that the Location document always be set to "Use OS time settings."

Now verify if the calendar entries are showing correctly. If so, open the location document back up and switch the "Use OS time zone settings back to Yes and save the changes. The calendar should continue to show correctly.

In some cases, there has been a need to clear the Java cache after updating the tzmapping information. If the steps above have not corrected the view issue, please launch notes with -clean.

notes.exe -RPARAMS -clean

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