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Generated PDF document for Rational Quality Manager test artifact is incomplete

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When I tried to generate a PDF for a test artifact, the resulting document was truncated and not complete. How do I fix it?


The RQM server has a hard limit on the size of generated PDFs.  This limit is meant to protect the RQM server from significantly large PDFs consuming the available heap space.  If this were allowed to happen, Java would be unable to allocate heap space for any other threads running in the RQM server and RQM will cease working for all users.


This limit is configurable from the Advanced Server Properties page of the Jazz Admin Console.  

To change the limit:

1. Go to https://<server-name>:<port>/jazz/admin.
2. On the Server tab, choose Advanced Properties from the navigation bar.
3. Scroll down until you find the property titled Most resource per print request.
4. Change this property to the desired value.

Again, remember that the consequence of reducing this limit too much is that a single user could potentially bring down the RQM server with a print request by consuming all the available heap space. Be very cautious when adjusting this setting.

In our experience, the default limit of 250 links works well for most RQM servers.  However, the total number of links that your server can handle cannot be determined by a simple calculation.  Keep in mind that significantly increasing this limit may require you to simultaneously increase your maximum heap size to avoid putting too much strain on the server.

Some factors that you should weigh when choosing a limit are:

  • Maximum heap size setting for RQM
  • Performance potential of your server (CPU, memory, file system, DB access)
  • Size of your largest test artifacts (as measured in number of linked artifacts)
  • Importance of PDF printing to your testing process
  • Number of users likely to be simultaneously generating PDFs

If you begin to experience server outages with OutOfMemoryError exceptions in the server logs after raising this limit, then you have likely over-extended your server, and need to either increase the available heap space, decrease the artifact link limit, or both.

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