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Fix List for Lotus Forms 4.0.0

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What APARs are fixed in Lotus® Forms version 4.0.0.



Documentation Update. Viewer Preferences.
Data validation with schema and multiple instances
Table does not update after using xforms:setvalue
Using embedded binds causes the calculations to not fire in the expected order.
Panes overlap when printed in Viewer.
After installing Viewer on Vista, you receive a "message not found" error when attempting to sign a form.
Schema validation minInclusive when set to ‘0.00’ does not accept ‘0’ in Webform Server.
Closing parent window of embedded Viewer throws plug-in error.
Adding and deleting rows to a table crash the Lotus Forms Viewer.
Viewer -P Flag does not suppress an unverifiable signature dialog.
Printing Form with Hebrew local causes Viewer to crash.
Receive errors on form load when my documents is mapped to a unc path (\\server\user$\username).
Checkbox and radiobutton labels are left aligned when justified.
Unable to sign forms with large keys on Window 7.
Lines disappear when viewing form using Lotus Forms Viewer at less than 100%.
Unable to delete attachment on a different page in Lotus Forms Viewer.
Computes using the isValidFormat do not appear to function as expected after upgrading form.
Viewer UI is not updated after xforms instance is updated.
Form appears to print using Viewer, but still throws an 'Internal function call failed' error
Link- Exception opening embedded for that calls a webservice.
Signed data in a switch pane throws an error when active case changes.
xsi:schemalocation attribute causes Viewer to crash when attempting to open form.
Actions of delay -1 do not fire before form load with Viewer.
Print and Done Buttons Firing at the same time crash the Viewer.
Objects are misaligned when they are relatively aligned to fields and dynamically adjust their heights to '0'.
Viewer Does Not Allow A Popup Selection Once Items Are Removed.

Webform Server

Documentation Update. Form print setting overrides
Translator framework error is thrown when printing a form with text to pdfa format.
When rendering a form in Webform Server using IE7 browser, button labels do not render until the mouse pointer hovers over the browser.
Webform Server pdfa print produces version 1.3 pdfa instead of version 1.4
When upgrading a form, switch panes do not dynamically position themselves in Webform Server.
Memory leak with parenthesis in bind.
Forms dirty flag is set to 'on' when selecting a button with an image.
Page flip within Portlet causes grey area outside the form area
Cancel button that generates prompt to navigate away from page is not working.
Signing ceremony dialog shows the mouse is busy with an hourglass indicator.
Documentation Update. Corrected servlet classname in web.xml.
Save with format errors checkbox defect.
Documentation Update. Must remove WSDL from form before opening in Webform Server.
Temp folder was filling with XCTmp files.
Print to PDF in German prints font as italic.
Webform Server print does not respect printvisible setting therefore may see extra blank pages when printing form.
Index function not returning proper value.
Characters appear taller and narrower when printing to PDF.
When printing with Webform Server, an extra page gets printed even when the pane's display option is set to off.
PDF Printing displays parenthesis incorrectly.
Radio buttons not printing or double printing through printService.
Checkgroup text alignment is off when rendered in Webform Server.
Translator Server becomes non-responsive and requires a restart when using multiple models and xforms:reset.
Clickwrap signature became invalid when saving form in Webform Server.
Data is not updating in a form within Business Space.
Scrollbar missing in IE 7 & 8 when Viewing through WorkplaceXT Webform Server.
Multi-line label gets truncated when using linespacing of -5 or greater.
When the client's timezone is different from the server date fields may not work correctly.
Can't open attachments of type docx.
Up and Down arrow images are missing from the calendar widget.
Attachments with non-English character as file name throw exception in Webform Server.
HTTP 404 error throw with French Locale rendered in Webform Server.


Using asterisk in date field, asterisk gets preserved in data instance instead of date.
Lotus Forms API throws Signature validation error.
The StreamingAPI extractXFormsInstance throws error.
Radio buttons not printing or double printing through printService.


A generated instance from a wsdl does not use the correct namespace causing the webservice to not populate form.
When trying to delete a radiogroup in Designer, a null pointer exception is thrown.
A warning appears in Action Editor regarding custom namespace not resolving correctly.
Omiting a signature button in a signature filter does not specify the page in the signitemref.
Documentation Update. Max length constraint and multi-line fields in Webform Server.
" is converted to single quotes after instance name change.
Lotus Forms Webform Server, Viewer and Designer render checkboxes differently.
When converting PDF to XFDL form, bullet points are not being converted correctly.
Radio and Check List not aligning with labels in Designer.

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Software version: 4.0

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1453994

Modified date: 2011-01-12