Legacy support content for unsupported releases of Lotus software

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How can you access legacy support content for releases of Lotus software that are no longer supported?


Use the following links to access support content for legacy releases of Lotus software that are no longer supported. This content, which is no longer maintained or updated, is provided "as-is" for customers using legacy releases. Visit the Lotus End of Support Products support site for additional self help resources.

The IBM Software Support Lifecycle web site covers the entire lifecycle of a product, from when the product is available for purchase to the time the last version of the product is no longer supported. You can use this information to plan your software investment and avoid breaks in support. Versions of Lotus software not found on the Software Support Lifecycle Web page reached their end of support date prior to 2004.

New versions of Lotus software offer both updated features and defect fixes. Many are updated for use on newer operating systems. Customers with Passport Advantage Software Customers with Passport Advantage Software Subscription and Support can download available product upgrades from Passport Advantage. New purchases of current software versions are available from the IBM Software on-line catalog.

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