Announcement: Change in Technical Support options for FileNet products



Effective November 15, 2010, the Live Call Transfer option for handling support requests will no longer be available for IBM FileNet products. FileNet customers seeking support assistance can continue to leverage call-back phone support from IBM Support as well as electronic support tools to find answers to questions or submit a support request via the Web.


To ensure that you receive the highest level of support for your IBM FileNet products, the IBM Support team regularly reviews customer feedback and support processes to identify what we can be doing better to deliver world-class support and ensure superior customer satisfaction.

After carefully reviewing the effectiveness of several of the support options offered to FileNet customers, the decision has been made to no longer offer the Live Call Transfer option. This change will go into effect November 15, 2010.

The complexity of leveraging the Live Call Transfer approach has adversely affected the IBM Support team's overall ability to quickly and efficiently respond to incoming customer questions and issues. With that in mind, it has been determined that the best option for serving customers going forward is to use the IBM-wide standard approach of calling back customers based on the severity and priority of their individual support requests (PMRs).

By eliminating the Live Call Transfer option, IBM Support teams will be better able to focus on responding to initial and ongoing requests in a more timely manner -- allowing customers to get a quick response without having to spend time on hold. Please note that FileNet customers will still be able to open support requests electronically via the Web-based Electronic Support Request (ESR/SR) tool. Also, with the award-winning self-service IBM Support Portal, we continue to be committed to providing our customers with resources and tools to help you find the solutions you need when you need them. For more on the full range of support options available to you as well as information on how to contact IBM Support, see the Software Support Handbook.

Ultimately, this change is designed to improve the overall customer experience by supporting better handling of problem reports and quicker responses to your issues from our dedicated support analysts and teams.

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