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Clearlicense does not list all available licenses in the server

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you run IBM Rational ClearCase clearlicense, you do not see the correct amount of licenses.


The clearlicense command displays how many licenses are available on the license server. No error message generated to claim that a license is invalid. Even after you restart the server and Rational ClearCase, nothing changes.


The registry does not recognise the update.

Resolving the problem

Upgrade to Rational ClearCase release 7.1.2.

Start the Control Panel either as an administrator or from an admin-mode command prompt, if you cannot add licenses correctly with Rational ClearCase 7.1.2.


You have two options.

  1. Add the ClearCase licenses to the following registry key.


  2. Disable UAC for Rational ClearCase. to run correctly.

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Document information

More support for: Rational ClearCase

Software version: 7.1,,, 7.1.1,,,,, 7.1.2,

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Reference #: 1450394

Modified date: 19 February 2013

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