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Index updates results in "Failed to optimize search index" error in Rational Change

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Attempts to update the index results in the error "Failed to optimize search index" in the event.log for IBM Rational Change 5.1 and later.


You may observe that a recently added Change Request(CR) is not found in a search.

When you look in the event.log you may find one of the following error messages:

2010/03/24 12:50:47  ERROR: Failed to optimize search index.

Stack trace: background merge hit exception: _28v:

c1 _29o:c3 _29p:c1 _2aw:c2 _2ax:c1 _2c4:c2 _2c5:c1 _2dc:c1 _2dd:c9 _2dn:

c1 into _2ei [optimize]


2012/05/11 08:45:07  ERROR: Failed to optimize search index.

Stack trace: java.lang.NullPointerException






This is caused by a defect in the Lucene optimizer reported in APAR PM12008.

Diagnosing the problem

Review the event.log and see if there is either of the error messages reported above.

Resolving the problem

This problem is resolved with IBM Rational Change ifix

Install the latest patch and disable the Search Optimizer with the following entry to the pt.cfg file:


This change will take effect when you restart the Rational Change server.

Even if you have already installed the patch you will still get the error until you make the change to the pt.cfg file and restart the Rational Change server.

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