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Interoperability with the Yahoo! Messenger service changes in 2011



This document contains important information about changes to IBM Sametime and Yahoo! interoperability in 2011.


Earlier in 2011, we told you about changes in the way Yahoo! Messenger federates with IBM Sametime. As you may recall, your IBM Sametime Gateway integrates directly with the Yahoo! Messenger servers through a single sign-on capability, letting your employees use their corporate Sametime identity to exchange presence information and text chats with Yahoo! Messenger users. Yahoo! has communicated their intention to shut this service down on or near mid-December 2011.

IBM planned to deliver a plug-in to the Sametime Connect client that would allow users to exchange text chats with Yahoo! Messenger users through a new Yahoo! Messenger IM API. Unfortunately, despite diligent efforts by both parties, IBM and Yahoo! have not been able to agree to terms that would allow us to use the Messenger IM API on conditions that are mutually agreeable. When Yahoo! shuts down their SIP infrastructure this month, your IBM Sametime Gateway will no longer work with that service.

Please note that the Sametime Gateway will continue to function as normal for AOL, Google, XMPP based services, Microsoft OCS and other Sametime communities.

If you need instructions for how to remove the Yahoo! Messenger community from the Sametime Gateway configuration, refer to "Removing Yahoo! Messenger from the Sametime Gateway" (#1575439).

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