NetView rexx that parses MLWTO has spacing one column off.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running a rexx in NetView that parses a MLWTO, and the characters are one column off.


Rexx program is parsing a MWLTO from NetView. The code is in a specific column for a character, but does not find it when the character is clearly there. The spacing seems to be one column off.

For example, looking for the current Dump Dataset 'A' from this message:


If you count over, the 'A' is in CC 12. When the REXX looks at CC 12, it finds the ')', and the 'A' is actually in cc 11. The 'A' is shifted one to the left.


review apar OA19629 for NetView v5r2 and apar OA27576 for NetView v5r3.

The characters in the second and subsequent lines of a MLWTO are intentionally shifted one column to the left to address a spacing issue in the netlog.

Resolving the problem

There are two choices here.

First, you can update the rexx to adjust the column used one position to the left for the second and subsequent lines in a MLWTO.

Second, update the rexx to not check the message positionally, but rather use REXX to parse the line to find the character in question regardless of its location. Here is an example:
parse var message . 'CurrentDDS(' CHAR ')' .
(variable CHAR would contain 'A')

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