Incoming links do not display history logs and trigger business rules as expected

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In incoming links that are limited by views, the links to history logs and business rules are not displayed as expected.


In incoming links attributes, the history is logged erratically and the business rules are triggered erratically.


If an incoming links attribute is limited by a view and the values of other attributes in the element are changed, the linking elements might appear or disappear. The incoming link attribute does not detect when the linking elements appear or disappear. As a result, the history is not logged and business rules are not triggered.

Resolving the problem

For the LinkListAttributeSum business rule, remove the view limitation on the incoming link attribute and use the ListAttributeSum business rule. Configure the ListAttributeSum business rule to limit the calculation based on a view. Each time the incoming link changes, the business rule is triggered.

The business rule is updated only if the link meets the conditions that are stated in the view.

There is no work around for the problem with logging of history. If the history is logged, it might be incorrect.

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