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Performance tuning for IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer IADB in DB2

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Performance tuning for InfoSphere Information Analyzer IADB in DB2


When the database IADB grows in size its I/O performance may decrease over time


The following steps will improve performance of a growing IADB database. Increasing the buffer pool allows DB2 to make the best use of memory available to store a larger number of pages, which can reduce I/O. Before you perform these commands make sure that no users are connected to Information Analyzer and that no tasks are running.

  1. db2 connect to iadb
  2. db2 alter bufferpool immediate IABUFFPOOL size 10000
  3. db2 terminate
  4. db2 update db cfg for iadb using util_heap_sz 5120
  5. db2 update db cfg for iadb using database_memory automatic
  6. db2 force applications all
  7. db2 terminate
  8. db2stop
  9. db2start

Refer to the documentation of your version of DB2 for additional details on DB2 database configuration parameters for more details.

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Software version: 8.0, 8.1, 8.5

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Modified date: 29 November 2011