DataPower log event message truncated when using xsl:message to output a custom log message

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Why is the WebSphere DataPower log event message truncated when I use xsl:message to output a custom log message from my XSLT style sheet?


The WebSphere DataPower log event text is limited to a maximum length of 2048 bytes. Log text length over 2048 bytes is truncated. This limitation applies to every log priority and every type of log including the log output from xsl:message. This limitation currently exists on every firmware level.

Note: If log text over 2048 bytes is required, use the Log Action.

The Log Action is designed to be used with an off-device logger that accepts a message and records them to a file store of your choice. It can be used to log the message context into any log target.

You can find more information about the Log Action in Section 5.1.3 of following redbook:

Or in the DataPower Information Center:

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