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Calendaring & Scheduling Autoprocessing preferences may not take effect on other mail database replicas

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C&S autoprocessing is performed by the Domino router task when a C&S mail message (i.e invitation, reschedule, counter-proposal, cancellation) is about to be deposited into your mail database. The Domino router task will not perform any autoprocessing logic unless a specific Database Option is enabled on your mail database. Changes to the Database Option are not being replicated to other replicas of your mail database.


Using a local mail database, you enable one of the Calendaring & Scheduling autoprocessing preferences (e.g. Display new (unprocessed) notices)). Replication occurs between the local and server based mail database. The Display of new meeting invitations does not work.


Autoprocessing for Calendaring and Scheduling takes place in the Domino Server's Router task.

When a C&S related meeting notice is about to be deposited into a user's mail database, the router task determines if the user has any C&S autoprocessing preferences enabled. This determination is made by examining the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database Option bit for the user's mail database.

If the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database option bit is not enabled, not further autoprocessing logic of any kind is performed.

The DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database option bit is supposed to be enabled if any of the C&S Autoprocessing preferences are enabled for the user.

The problem is that changes to the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database option bit do not replicate between database replicas. This is true for both local to server replication as well as server to server replication.

There are several kinds of C&S autoprocessing preferences that can be affected by this problem including:

    Display new (unprocessed) notices
    Process cancelled meetings automatically
    Respond automatically to meeting invitations
    Automatic forwarding of calendar notices

Diagnosing the problem

Set the following notes.ini variable on the Domino server


Text similar to the following will display in the Domino server console when a C&S notice is delivered to a user, and that user does not have the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database option bit turned on.

09/02/2010 16:11:49 Autoprocess: Message <msgid> for '<user>': Entering MailAutoProcessRequest.
09/02/2010 16:11:49 Autoprocess: Message <msgid>for '<user>': Autoprocessing not enabled.
09/02/2010 16:11:49 Autoprocess: Message <msgid>for '<user>': Skip because disabled by db

If you see this kind of output in the Domino server console for a user who should have C&S autoprocessing turned on, this is an indication of the problem.

Resolving the problem

A LotusScript agent can be written to enable turn on the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED for the database. For example:

    Dim db As NotesDatabase
    Dim session As New NotesSession
    Set db = session.currentdatabase
    Call db.EnableDbOptions( 2, True)
Another work around is to set the following notes.ini variable on the Domino server. This will cause the Domino router task to ignore the DBOPTBIT_CS_AUTOPROCESSING_ENABLED Database option bit for all users on that server and may affect router performance

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