Security vulnerability CVE-2009-0033 detected by AppScan run against Rational Quality Manager server

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote identifies a known Apache Tomcat security vulnerability which will cause IBM Rational AppScan to throw a warning when run against IBM Rational Quality Manager server version and below.


AppScan reports security vulnerability CVE-2009-0033.


This is a known security vulnerability affecting Apache Tomcat versions 5.5.0 through 5.5.27 (among other versions).


IBM Rational Quality Manager

Resolving the problem

Upgrade to Rational Quality Manager 2.0.1 or higher. Version 2.0.1 includes Apache Tomcat 5.5.28, which is not affected by this vulnerability.

Related information

CVE-2009-0033 in National Cyber-Alert System

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