Server error: Field is too large (32K) or view column & selection formulas are too large

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Meeting invitations from external sources are getting stuck in and can't be released. When you view the server logs, you see the associated error message, "Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large."

Additional information provided in the logs shows:
08/10/2010 09:32:57 AM Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large 08/10/2010 09:32:57 AM iCalendar: Logging conversion of request from non-Notes source. Product ID: Microsoft CDO for Microsoft Exchange
08/10/2010 09:32:57 AM Not converting SMTP addresses to Notes addresses in AddAttendeesToNote.


Messages are stuck in and the server is reporting routing errors relating to AddAttendeesToNote


This problem is normally seen when there is a large number of invitees on the invitation and Notes cannot convert the information from iCalendar.

Resolving the problem

This issue is now fixed in 8.5.2 Fix Pack 1 and 8.5.3.

Fix details: SPR# JFBM85TTZY

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

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Error: "Field is too large (32K) or View's column & sel

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