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Errors CTGIN2074E and CTGIN2073E encountered during a reinstallation scenario

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting a reinstallation of the product, you encounter errors CTGIN2074E and CTGIN2073E.

Resolving the problem

Errors CTGIN2074E and CTGIN2073E can occur during a reinstallation of the product in the following scenario:

1) Installation of the product.

2) Uninstallation of the product.

3) Reinstallation of the product.

During the reinstallation attempt, the following errors are encountered:

CTGIN2074E: Exception caught creating ICfgConfiguration Step object.
CTGIN2073E: Exception caught instantiating database configuration object.

This issue is related to the fact that the Base Services and hot fix components are still registered in the deployment engine registry. The reinstallation attempt fails because these components are recognized by the product installation program during the reinstallation attempt. These registry entries indicate to the product installation program that the product is already installed, even though it has been uninstalled.

To work around this issue, you must uninstall the deployment engine before you can successfully perform the reinstallation of the product. This is a destructive process. If other products are registered in the deployment engine registry, this action deletes data for those products also.

1. Open a command-line window on the administrative system.

2. Stop the IBM ADE service.

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > IBM ADE Service

/usr/ibm/common/acsi/bin/ -stop

3. Change directory to the Deployment Engine install location.

4. Remove any locks held by Deployment Engine.
erase "c:\Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi\logs\.lock*"

5. Include jre (Java) in the class path:
set path=C:\IBM\SMP\jre\bin;%PATH%

6. Uninstall Deployment Engine:
si_inst -r -f

7. Restart the reinstallation of the product.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database

Software version: 7.2.1

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1444320

Modified date: 06 October 2010

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