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Unable to retrieve modifiable component list of project

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote identifies an error, Unable to retrieve modifiable component list of project, that can occur when trying to list IBM Rational ClearCase Unified Change Management (UCM) project details.


Trying to use a UCM project reports the following error messages from the project:

> cleartool lsproject -l <Project_name>
cleartool: Error: Unable to retrieve modifiable component list of project "<Project_name>".

> cleartool lsstream -l <Project_Integration_Stream>
 foundation baselines:
cleartool: Error: Unable to retrieve modifiable component list of project "<Project_name>".


This error may appear as a transient error or maybe persistent.

  1. In a ClearCase Multisite replicated environment multiple project VOBs (PVOB) the cause can be an out of sync PVOB. If the project administrator creates a new component in \PVOB_A and adds it as a modifiable component in \PVOB_B, and creates a sync packet for \PVOB_B only, then after importing the packet, users at a remote site who try to access the project shall get this error until they get an update packet for \PVOB_A.
  2. In some circumstances it is possible that component may be deleted even though it had been flagged as modifiable in some project. If this happens then access the project shall give this error.

Resolving the problem

For Cause 1

Ensure that the PVOBs are in sync.

For Cause 2

  • Contact IBM Rational Client Support to request a tool to assist with the cleanup.


  • If you choose to do the cleanup manually, follow the steps below.

    If you know which components SHOULD be modifiable, then
    1. Clear the modifiable component list completely with

      ucmutil setpvar -pvar SUM_PROJ_MOD_COMPS -none project:<project>@<pvob>
    2. Rebuild the modifiable component list with the GUI project Policy wizard (select the project in Project Explorer and choose Policy from the context menu) or with

      cleartool chproject -amodcomp component-selector[,...] project:<project>@<pvob>

    "ucmutil" is in the "etc/utils" subdirectory of your ClearCase installation

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Software version: 7.1

Operating system(s): AIX

Reference #: 1443204

Modified date: 09 May 2011