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How to remove Change Password option in DOORS Web Access

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How do you remove the option to Change Password in an IBM Rational DOORS Web Access (DWA) browser?


Rational DOORS Web Access has a Change Password option enabled by default after configuring to authenticate through Rational Directory Server in Corporate Mode


You can only apply this change if you are using Rational Directory Server in Corporate Mode
for DOORS Web Access (DWA) authentication.

Here are the steps to remove "Change Password" option.

  1. Go to $DOORS Web Access installation directory$\1.x\server\config
  2. Open festival.xml in text pad
  3. Scroll to following properties
     <!-- Configurable system properties -->
           <f:property name="licence.server.location" value="19353@neon,19353@localhost"/>
           <f:property name="display.redirector.urls" value="false"/>
           <f:property name="published.url.prefix" value="
        <f:property name="change.password.enabled" value="false"/>
  4. The last property (<f:property name="change.password.enabled" value="false"/>)
    is the one that you want to add
  5. Restart the DWA components
    The option: Change Password will be removed from the browser

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