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Backup fails with SQL2007N error message

Technote (troubleshooting)


DB2 Backup command fails with SQL2007N buffers is too small for page size object error message.


An error similar to the following will be returned:

SQL2007N Specified buffersize of "8" 4K buffers is too small for "32768" page size object.


Utility heap size too small for backup

Resolving the problem

Increase the UTIL_HEAP_SZ parameter to size shown in error and rerun the backup command. From the error message shown above the value would need to be set to 32768:

1. Increase the database configuration parameter UTIL_HEAP_SZ to 32768

  • db2 connect to database <DBNAME>
  • db2 update DB CFG for <DBNAME> using UTIL_HEAP_SZ 32768
  • db2 terminate
2. Rerun the backup command.

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Modified date: 10 November 2012

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