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Process Exit Code 8 when running backup from a script

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Tivoli Storage Manager backup completes successfully, but the script reports “Process Exit Code 8”.


There are warnings from the Tivoli Storage Manager client that are not shown to the user because backup is run from a script instead of using the scheduler service, dsm.exe, or dsmc.exe.

Resolving the problem

Tivoli Storage Manager backups can complete successfully even if the client receives errors or warnings. When running a backup using a script, there is no ability to output the errors or warnings that would normally be seen in the client error log (dsmerror.log).

Process Exit Code 8 translates to Tivoli Storage Manager return code 8. This means the backup completed, but witnessed one or more warnings.

Run the command from the script directly from the client command line. If you do not see a failure at the command line, review the dsmerror.log.

Tracing can be put in place by editing the client options file (dsm.opt) and adding the following lines:
tracefile path\to\trace.txt
traceflag service

If tracing is enabled, it will show the reason for non zero return code. For example:
GlobalRC.cpp ( 407): msgNum = 1496 changed the Global RC.
GlobalRC.cpp ( 408): Old values: rc = 0, rcMacroMax = 0, rcMax = 0.
GlobalRC.cpp ( 422): New values: rc = 8, rcMacroMax = 8, rcMax = 8.

This schedule completed with return code 8. MsgNum 1496 is ANS1496W.

Review the client manual or IBM technotes to resolve the ANSxxxxW warning and retry the backup from the client command line and/or script.

Note: If the return code is 12, the msgNum would be ANSxxxxE for error.

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