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ClearQuest Connector License Error when configuring ClearQuest Connector with Rational Quality Manager

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During the IBM ClearQuest Connector setup to integrate IBM Rational ClearQuest Connector with IBM Rational Quality Manager, the setup cannot be completed because the user is said to be invalid. This is because the user does not have the specific client access license assigned, or additional configuration needs to be made when using the IBM Rational ClearQuest Connector with an IBM Jazz Team Server product other than IBM Rational Team Concert.


The following error will be seen via the IBM Jazz Team Server Setup page for the IBM Rational ClearQuest Connector:

    " The account for user id 'cqconnector' must be granted the license"

However, the cqconnector user may already have been assigned the "Connector" Client Access License.


This occurs because the IBM ClearQuest Connector originated as an additional feature to IBM Rational Team Concert and polls for the ClearQuest Connector license from IBM Rational Team Concert. When connecting to IBM Rational Quality Manager, some configuration changes must be made so the ClearQuest Connector checks for Client Access License types from Rational Quality Manager instead of those from Rational Team Concert.

Resolving the problem

In the file, note the following commented out section:

# The Jazz user must be assigned a Client Access License (CAL) which allows connector operations.
# This CAL is checked for in the setup wizard. If using some product other than RTC,
# specify the CAL to check for in the property. For example, this could be used with RQM:

Make sure to uncomment out the last line, so that it looks like the following:
and save the document.

Afterwards, ensure that both the IBM Jazz Team Server and IBM Rational ClearQuest Connector Gateway are restarted to allow these changes to come into affect.

Leverage the Jazz Community

Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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