What speed and duplex settings are available on the management port of Network IPS v2 hardware

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What are the possible settings for the speed and duplex of the management port on v2 versions of the GX appliances?


The management port of the Network Intrusion Prevention System v2 series can be configured with the following speed and duplex settings:

  • Auto Negotiate
  • 10 Mb Half Duplex
  • 10 Mb Full Duplex
  • 100 Mb Half Duplex
  • 100 Mb Full Duplex
  • 1000 Mb Full Duplex

You can modify this setting under Manage System Settings > Management and TCP Reset Interfaces if managing the system in the Local Management Interface (LMI) or under Agent Specific Policies > Management and TCP Reset Interfaces if managing the system with SiteProtector.

If the above information does not resolve your issue, contact IBM Security Systems Customer Support.

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