The spacerpt tool displays hash marks instead of integer values in IBM FileNet Image Services

Technote (troubleshooting)


Under certain conditions, the spacerpt tool's output may display as a series of hash marks (########) instead of the expected integer values.


This issue is due to certain integers in the report exceeding the column width as defined in the report template. Instead of cutting off the integer and showing incorrect results, spacerpt will display hash marks

Resolving the problem

The issue can be resolved by editing the SQL report files that define the report. The files are located at the following locations:



Edit either just the summary file, or both if you use the extended spacerpt report.

Make the following changes to either file:

1. At the top of each file is a LINESIZE definition, edit this to fit your subsequent column width changes, for example.:


This example will increase LINESIZE definition to 82, giving you 2 extra chars above the standard 80 to add into your column widths.

2. Find the COLUMN definition lines that need to be increased, by searching for the column's title, for example:

COLUMN largest_exts format 9999990 HEADING 'Largest|Ext(KB)'

The 7 digits following the format definition indicate how many integers are to be displayed. Editing this line to:

COLUMN largest_exts format 999999990 HEADING 'Largest|Ext(KB)'

Will allow the report to show 2 more digits in the Largest Ext column.

Please note: Save your changes, and make a copy of these files, in case a patch overwrites your modified files.

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